Having Hope Always

The Queen Ween

Charities and Organizations

The Queen Ween has several charities and organizations that are close to her heart.  Hope knows first hand how important animal shelters and rescues are.  If it wasn't for Dachshund Rescue North America, her fate may have been very different.

The orange charm that Hope wears on her collar is from WagAware.  They are a charitable company that is committed to helping homeless dogs find the forever homes that they deserve.  Through the purchase of their charms, you can help support their mission.  The best part?  They donate 50% of their profits to shelters, rescue groups, and animal welfare charities across the country.  Get your charm today at:  http://www.wagaware.com/  

Life With a Double Dapple Dachshund is a wonderful website dedicated to the lovers and owners of double dapple doxies, especially those with vision or hearing impairments.  The site provides a wealth of knowledge including nutrition facts and allergy tips and treatments.  They also have a fabulous gallery featuring photos of adorable double dapples like Hope. 

Do you think your Dachshund might be a double dapple?  Check out their detailed gene chart to find out!  There are also photos highlighting the various coat colors and patterns for Dachshunds.

Perhaps you would like to show your double dapple Dachshund pride?  They've got you covered!  You can even order a t-shirt featuring the organizations adorable logo.  Check out their official website at:  http://www.lifewithadoubledappledachshund.com/main.html   

Remember Me Thursday is a yearly day of remembrance for orphaned animals that were euthanized in shelters before they could find their loving forever homes.  With a staggering 2.7 million animals killed every year, this special day highlights the importance of adopting pets rather than purchasing from a breeder.

The event is held on the last Thursday of the month in September.  Virtual candles honoring personal pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge can also be created and featured on the website's Candle Gallery.  You can also enter the Remember Me Thursday Contest by posting a photo of your pet (s) on social media and sharing their adoption story along with the hashtag #RememberMeThursday.

To learn more about this special day of remembrance, visit their official website at:  https://remembermethursday.org/  

The Mia Foundation is a a non-profit 501C3 organization that helps animals born with birth defects.  Their motto is:  "Because if they are born, they deserve the chance to live!"  The foundation was inspired by Mia, a Chihuahua that was born with a cleft palate.  Her rescuer was told that "cleft palate dogs are too much work" and suggested euthanasia.  Instead, Mia's rescuer gave her what she needed most: a chance.

Mia would go on to develop aspiration pneumonia at just four days old.  She had to be suctioned as well as tube fed five times a day.  Despite being sickly, Mia acted anything but.  This tiny warrior went on to live a happy life filled with love before passing just two months shy of her second birthday.

The foundation now helps animals just like Mia.  They even help find loving homes for these differently-abled darlings.  To support their mission, please visit their website at:  http://www.themiafoundation.com/index.html   

Hope proudly supports the Adoption Option and encourages anyone seeking to get a new pet to adopt from local rescue groups and animal shelters.  These wonderful creatures have survived often horrible circumstances and deserve a second chance to have a life filled with love and hope always.