Having Hope Always

The Queen Ween

About Hope

The Story of Hope

Hope is one very special ween.  She is a mini double dapple dachshund.  The product of a backyard breeder, Hope was born without eyes and is completely deaf.  When the breeder discovered Hope's disabilities, he wanted to kill her.  Thankfully, the man's wife stepped in and claimed Hope as her own.

Several years later, the wife passed away.  The breeder then surrendered Hope to Dachshund Rescue North America with a choke chain around her neck.  The rescue quickly found a loving foster family for Hope where she flourished.

A fated Internet search for dachshunds brought me to Hope's photo.  I knew immediately that she was the doxie for me.  I hurriedly completed the adoption application and the rest is history.

Hope is feisty, fearless, and a never ending source of inspiration.  She doesn't let anything hold her back from living her best life. 

Hope is known to her Facebook and Instagram followers as the Queen Ween.  She definitely rules our hearts!